Custom Furniture Sets Home Offices Apart

While some people love working and entertaining at home, others simply have a look they want for their home office that can’t be found commercially. Where else can unique quality home office furniture be found except at custom shops?

Advantages of customized pieces

If your goal is to impress your guests as well as your clients at home, bespoke furniture is the way to go. The look of your home office can be designed to fit the rest of your home and not look like a simple workspace, making your furniture practical. Utility cabinets and office equipment can be hidden away after business has wrapped up, maximizing the floor space at home. Continue reading


Buying a Pool Table According to your Personality

Your game room in the works may be intended for play time with family and friends, but it doesn’t mean that its appearance should follow an “anything goes” rule. You should still consider it as an accent piece to show off your personality. Here is a guide to help you choose a pool table that complements your personality: Continue reading

Is this Table Too Big for You?

Buying any one of several modern pool tables can be a good investment if you’re eager to practice your cue skills. However, if you’re getting one for your home or office rec room, the overall size is often one of the biggest (no pun intended) dampers to the excitement. Here are some pointers to take note of: Continue reading