Buying a Pool Table According to your Personality

Your game room in the works may be intended for play time with family and friends, but it doesn’t mean that its appearance should follow an “anything goes” rule. You should still consider it as an accent piece to show off your personality. Here is a guide to help you choose a pool table that complements your personality:

Are you competitive?

If you’re the competitive type who dreams of turning pro someday (it’s never too late!), the best pool table for you is one that closely resembles those used in World Pool Team Championships, BAPTO National Finals, and other professional environments. This means a pool table of impeccable construction quality and materials like top-grade oak and maple lumber and high-grade formica finish. Avoid those ones with fancy trimmings.

Are you business-minded

If you’re an entrepreneur and you plan to invite business partners and clients over to shoot a game of pool, making a good impression is the name of the game. For this purpose, you can be as fancy as you want and choose pool tables with intricate hand carvings.

Are you laidback?

If you want a game room for simply passing the time and spending quality hours with family and friends, a pool table that evokes a playful quality is the one for you. This means a pool table that’s more modern and contemporary like one with bowed legs (instead of the standard four legs) and bright colors.

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