Turning a Room into a Poker Place

People who live in a modestly-large house may have the resources to remodel one area into a game outlet, such as a poker room. As seen in certain pop culture pieces like the Patrick Marber play Dealer’s Choice, a round of poker between friends is also a battle of wits and lucky hands. If you’re planning to host some poker games, preparing one room for it will be a good idea.


Since the poker room is to be in your house, you can have first crack at what kind of atmosphere the place should carry. Consider the actual floor area of the room when choosing which colors to adorn it with. Some game room furniture experts say that if the room is small, use bright but authoritative colors like tan and gold to give an illusion of space. Be prepared to invest sums if your space gives you options about portraying a casino-like atmosphere.

The Table

The poker table you choose must not look out of place in the room, but you must consider room size in choosing the table style. It can give you some flexibility if the room allows for an oval-shaped unit that can be posted to one side, especially if you’re the dealer-host. Add some chairs as well.

A well-designed poker room can make for some fun moments among friends. Bring out the deck, some chips, and start dealing!

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