Is this Table Too Big for You?

Buying any one of several modern pool tables can be a good investment if you’re eager to practice your cue skills. However, if you’re getting one for your home or office rec room, the overall size is often one of the biggest (no pun intended) dampers to the excitement. Here are some pointers to take note of:


Some people who want to get a feel of actual competition play while working on their game will have to go for tables that have a 2:1 area ratio. The usual standard for a “regulation-style” table is nine feet by 4.5ft, but to be safe, measure your prospective room if the area is appropriate. Take note that pool games as played in the U.S. revolve around tables between seven and nine feet long, to help players have more flexibility and tactical options. It also helps the cue ball go faster– especially when going for the initial break shot.


The cue sticks will aid or hamper your movement if the table size is a bit inappropriate for the room, especially when you need ample space for positioning. If your chosen cues are 48 inches long, for example, and you’re using them on a nine-foot table, the room itself must be no bigger than 12.5ft by 16.5ft.

A pool table of adequate proportions to your room is an oasis of fun waiting to be explored. Time to roll out your nine-balls.

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