True Man-cave—Big Flat Screen TV and Craps Table

It’s typical for family men or bachelors to long for a space where they can have their “me time”, which they usually call a man-cave. Here, they can play pool sports and die rolling games with their buddies all they want. When adding a man-cave to your home, however, you have to consider several factors.

Customizing the location

If knocking out walls, incorporating windows, adding electrical outlets, or installing plumbing is involved, plan them ahead of time. Once this is all done, it’s time to figure out what will go into the room. If you’ve got plans for a billiards table, air hockey machine, or foosball set, make sure to allot enough elbow room for you and your guests.

Man-cave equipment

Prioritize the hobby or game you indulge in the most. Will it be the huge flat screen television for watching the big games, or the old-school arcade games? A custom poker table would make your poker nights the highlight of everyone’s week. If you like rolling the dice but can’t spring for the custom job, there’s definitely a quality craps table somewhere out there.

Décor and furnishing

If you plan to establish a theme for your man-cave, start with the room color then work your way down to the decorations, then the furniture and accessories. If automobiles are your thing, car-themed furniture and scale models should create the perfect atmosphere. Your passion is what will fuel your creativity, so go ahead and have fun with it.

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