Choosing the Right Kind of Pool Table Felt

Cloth specially designed for pool tables is generally made from combinations of either wool and polyester or wool and nylon. Between the two comes a great number of variants, each with their own characteristics that favor different kinds of pool players. If you’re planning to invest on a pool table, know the type of pool table cloth that is best suited for you or your family.

It all depends on your personal style and preference

When choosing the right table felt, consider how you play the game. If you expect to play in a limited or casual manner, then you can forego the need to purchase tournament-grade fabric. If you have pets, or if you and your friends prefer playing pool with drinks in tow, then spills and stains might be a common concern. For that, Teflon fabrics are an ideal choice.

Worsted fabrics

Worsted cloth is used primarily in professional tournaments. Also called speed cloth, worsted pool table cloth is generally made from high quality combed wool. If you are a pro or simply want your pool table to exude that tournament feel, worsted cloth is the way to go.

Pool table cloth selection is often a process influenced by a player’s budget and playing goals. Evaluate your personal considerations carefully to find the right one to use for your game.


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