Office Furniture: Selection Considerations

If you’re in the market for quality office furniture, then wood is the way to go. Granted, there are plenty of wood types out there that make for beautiful and well-built office furniture, so here are some tips to get you started and make the most of your selection

Hardwood and softwood choices

Deciding on the type of wood is generally a matter of personal preference. For hardwoods, your best options include walnut, oak, cherry, and mahogany. Walnut is known for its durability and strength, making it an excellent wood choice for office furniture. On the other hand, great softwood choices are cedar and pine.

Matching furniture to your needs

The furniture you order should comply with what your office needs. If you use a desktop, you’re probably going to need a large table with ample space for writing and storing documents. If you use a laptop, then a smaller-sized table with lesser compartments will suffice. If you have other peripherals such as a printer, copier, or fax machine, make sure your furniture have a designated spot for these as well.

Your office chair

You will need a chair to go with your office furniture ensemble, so be sure to choose a design and a material that complements the finish of the desk and other pieces. Make sure that it is well-padded and comfortable, since you will likely spend long periods of time sitting on it.

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