How Large Should your Pool Table Be?

In today’s era of the Internet and mobile phones, you can now play pool on your iPhone or Android phone. Nothing can compare, however, to the actual experience of hitting a billiard ball with a cue stick.

Did you know that the term “pool” actually had nothing to do with billiards? It turns out that during the 1800s, to “pool” is to collect bets for horse races, and the room where they usually congregate to bet was installed with a billiard table for the men to pass the time while waiting for the race to start.

Nowadays, pool tables can either be eight or nine feet long, while billiard tables tend to be longer at ten feet. Eight-foot pool tables are usually found in bars, while the nine-foot long tables are usually used in professional pool tournaments. You can always go with the nine-foot table if you want a challenge since the balls have a wider space to spread around, although an eight-foot pool table is a helpful choice for beginners.

The size of your pool table is not all there is to it to determine the space you’ll need for it. You’ll need to allot enough space, too, for your cue stick, which can stretch up to 58 inches long. Allot at least 19 feet of space for each side to allow a comfortable space to play a game of pool with your friends.


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