Know Where to Place Billiard Tables in Your Home

Billiard tables are a great addition to any home, however, they could be quite bulky and will require considerable space. In fact, there are some locations in your house that can be ideal for putting your new table in.


A pool table for the garage can be amenable as long as you want it as the centerpiece. You may need to remodel the garage as another room and measure the dimensions. Some experts claim that the regular size of a pool table for home use is eight feet long, with a play area’s dimensions measuring 44 inches by 88. You may need to reevaluate your insulation and ventilation options, as the humidity may affect the playing surface.

Near Fireplaces

Fireplaces are all but common fixtures in any American home’s living room and in some respects, a game of pool nearby can exude warmth as you drive the cue ball. One option you can take is to fix up the living room in such a way that the room furniture is still arranged in front of the fireplace with the sofa facing it. The pool table is behind the sofa, but you will need to place some distance between the two to prevent sofa sitters from being hit by the cue stick.

Setting up a pool table of the right size at home will mean hours of fun with family and friends. Time for you to do some interior design and arrangement.

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