Have Some Dice Rolling Fun with a Craps Table

Craps may seem like a confusing and intimidating game, but it’s easy to understand—if you try your best to do so. More importantly, note that the odds are actually in your favor. Here are some advantages to rolling dice on a craps table.

Easy Buy-In

Buying into a craps game will not be that hard on your wallet. You can expect to pay no more than $10 worth of chips at the most, but you do not have to pay for any bets when there’s a roll in play. You will be tasked to do your first roll, or “come out” and mark a point number which you must hit; as long as the dice adds between four and six or eight and ten, you can continue rolling, but your turn ends if you hit seven. 

Gradual Winnings

Rolling in craps can carry a fair chance of increasing your winnings. Depending on the state of rolls, you can raise the odds and try to not to hit seven as much as possible.

Winning Odds

The odds of winning something can be easy. A 1.41% house advantage is up when the shooter is rolling a passline bet, but it can be cut to nothing if you raise the odds on the passline. This makes it easy to score as opposed to games like blackjack and roulette. All you need to do is to bet on a certain point when it’s established and a roll is set.


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