For Better Impressions: A Custom Reception Area

First impressions last.” These words still ring true today. For businesses, the reception area is the first thing clients and would-be employees see. To get it right for the first time, business owners should make a good investment when enhancing their reception areas. Here are some tips to making an efficient and professional reception area:

Overall look and feel

The reception area best represents the company’s identity and culture, so every business should put their best foot forward and pick the most suitable style and layout for their brand. Business owners can opt to have custom-built office furniture or purchase ready-made ones.

Colors and lighting fixtures also affect guests who come and go. Neutral colors blend well with furnishings, while cool colors make people relax more. On the other hand, a bright reception area enlivens the space and the people as well.

Reception furniture

The focal point of the reception area is the counter. Business owners should know where to place the reception desk to boost the productivity of the company.

Reception seating

Create a warm, friendly atmosphere by placing comfortable sofas or chairs so guests feel welcome as they enter the office space. Seats should feel cozy and durable, and be cohesive with the overall look and feel of the area.

Personal touches

Brighten up the reception area with a vase of flowers, potted plants, or works of art. Guests won’t mind waiting if they can browse through magazines and books for entertainment.

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