How to Keep Your Felt Pool Table in Tiptop Shape

Felt pool tables are one of the most popular types of furniture for homes and offices with a gaming room. If you have one at home, chances are that most of your friends and guests would spend their time there and play their hearts out. In order to maintain the felt pool table’s good condition and prolong its service life, you may want to try the following ways to take care of it.

1. Remove and clean all balls in the pool table’s pocket by wiping them with a soft cloth and warm water.

2. Clean the surface of the felt table top with a two-length bristled pool table brush– that is, the long bristles at the edges of the brush and the shorter ones at the center.  Brush the table top after every game to get rid of dirt, chalk, and other contaminants. Warning: never brush in circular motions, since they may go against the weave of the felt top.

3. Use a long nozzle connection and vacuum each of the pockets of the pool table.

4.  Use wood polish or oil to wipe the wooden areas of the table (top, side, legs) and remove contaminants to avoid contaminating the felt part of the pool table.

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