Opening Your Own Pool Hall

You may have watched international billiards events set right in the heart of popular game centers over the years and got mesmerized by the skills of players like Earl Strickland, Efren Reyes, and Jeannette Lee. In some respects, the fact that many people whip out the cue sticks and unwind on a billiards table may entice you to open your own pool hall and service your community.

Scout around town for a suitable, well-kept location with a lot of crowd traffic. Consider discussions with local authorities about your intentions for the business and start your registration. It will include issuance of employer identification numbers by the Internal Revenue Service, business permits, and accreditation for food and alcohol licenses if you intend to serve refreshments.

The amenities of the existing space will require much analysis. For instance, if the space was formerly occupied by a restaurant, a section for a kitchen may still exist. The space for the hall will determine how many billiards tables and associated gaming equipment you can purchase from your manufacturer, plus other gaming tables as needed. You need abundant space between tables to help players move freely. Hire a small number of employees, including a bouncer to keep order, but be strict about the refusal to admit minors.

A pool hall sells itself to the community. If there are many players around, you just found a good market.

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