Modern Pool Table Designs

From the earliest pocket-less versions to today’s standardized tournament surfaces, pool tables have come a long way since the indoor version of the game was first invented in the 15th century.

Most early developments to pool table designs involved changes that improved players’ control over the ball and the consistency of the playing surface. With the standardization of the game by organizations like the Billiards Congress of America and the World Pool-Billiard Association and the popularity, among homeowners, of owning a personal pool table, modern pool tables are evolving to reflect the design of contemporary homes today.

If you’re looking toward buying your own pool table but feel that the bulky, classic design of traditional pool tables doesn’t quite match your home’s décor, then pool tables with a more modern design might suit you better.

Examples of contemporary designs on the internet that you could draw inspiration from include:

  1. A pool table that converts into a dinner table when not in use.
  2. A pool table that sinks into the floor to maximize space.
  3. An all-glass pool table.
  4. A circular pool table.
  5. Or an ice sculpture pool table.

If you don’t want to go too far over the top, however, you can simply have your pool table made with veneers and materials that match the design of the room it will be installed in, to give the room a polished, bespoke feel.

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